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Like it

Love this app.

Develops your app

This app didn't change since I had 3gs

Perfect and FREE!

This is better than Apple Music. And easy to use.

Simple...in a good way

A nice and simple arrangement of stations. I hope to see an electronic genre station in the future.


Plz, update the app interface.

Didn't work

It doesn't play music. It just plays the commercials.

Good but not perfect

Commercials/announcements tend to cut into songs...especially the ending of songs. Sometimes a song will pick up in the middle. I find it annoying. I have written several times about it and have heard no response. They need to fix this as it's an otherwise good radio format with great music.

The Best!!

Good App

Love 977

I've loved club977 and love this app. Works and sounds great. Love to have full screen support on iPhone 5. Update. Still no full screen support for iPhone 5. This is the only app I have on my phone that has no full screen iPhone 5 support. I down graded my 4 stars to 1 star. Switching to tunein. Can still get .977 there and it is full screen support.



Very sad here.

I have been listening on my desktop Mac at work for a long time. No longer works. Hope you can fix it soon.

I did enjoy this app-before the update!

I use an IPOD for the apps. The old version worked fine, till you updated this app~ Now its not compatable! (Two Thumbs Down)

Buenisimo y gratis

Es excelente para todos los q somos amantes de la musica 70' 80' y 90'. Lo recomiendo

Gen 2 iPod user

I have been using this app every day at work for a very long time. With this new update I no longer can. It requires iOS 4.3 which is not available for my device. If you truly care about your users then this should have been considered!

Awesome App

I've loved .977 for years when I used to have I listen thru Winamp. So giddy I can take my 80s channel w me anywhere now!!! Thx guys!! From a longtime listener I love it!! Highly recommended app.

Awesome 😜

Dude I love this app it's awesome it has what I want when I need it

Luv it

I love this app so much. Love listening to .977 <3

Messed up! 

Get another radio app with more diversity. TuneIn iHeartRadio Try those. This piece of crap updated and now I can't even download it. Dumb decision.


well i got the new version 2.2 and it will not even play and i cant even find it at all omg GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

.977 hits Internet radio free app

I love this app & I use it literary every Chance I get weather I'm @ work or Home but this more I had new problem Now on the hits channel (after the update

Mix Channel???

Where's The Mix Channel Now??? Please Bring It Back It's The Only Channel I Listened To On .977!!!


This is the best radio app out there!!!! I'd recommend it. It's not just songs randomly playing, you get the same results as if you were listening to the radio!!!!

Best online radio station!

By far the best online radio station. The apps killer too, havent experienced any blips yet. Wish there was a bit more variety to the music they play on the hutz station and there were less ads, buy all in all, fab.

the best

the best radio app i found and its awsume on friday and saturday nights when have a party at house. people come over and say where did u get this music from they love it , i dont tell them. its just a stupid radio app i love it. thks to .977

Best online radio

I like the design and its very easy to use it i love so much i dont have a cd player on my cat and cassete its all damage i use the aux and put what gener i want and im satisfied love it so far im addict also before i sleep i should put some jazz if i want to makr a work out i put techno disco

Pure Awesomeness!!!!!!

I LOVE this app! It plays the hits for the generas you love. It's one of the best free radio apps available!!!! XD

out of app

make it so u can listen wen your on like facebook or a game


It's just awesome app and radio.


Would b 5 star if I could get points while listening on my ipod


This is my new favorite app! The 80's station is the one I listen to most. Plays good music and works very well. The music is almost too good. I listen to it at work and enjoy it way more than the radio. Also like that it gives me the artist and title in case I wanna download later.

Great app. Needs a few changes.

Missing some of the channels. No way to forward app to a friend, etc. A few hiccups but mostly reliable.

Love the app, hate the behaviors

Great music, great service, but I hate the sporadic behaviors. If you shut the screen off, the volume drops. Same with other actions, like an incoming text message, sent email, incoming email, and any action that produces a sound.

Absolutely the best

Awesome they play so much more than the standard 3 songs the radio plays from most artists. You will hear songs that are great with a huge library... Keep it up!!!!

Awesome radio

i wish i could listen to podcasts too

Holiday music

I absulutely love this app and use it all the time. Just wish that i could get the holiday music on my phone too. They have the holiday music category when I listen online but not for my phone :(


1) Revamp GUI. 2) Retina display support. 3) Ability to automatically sign in.  Shuts off background sound when something downloads.


This app has all of .977 channels and the quality is great, I listen to it in my car and sounds like any other mp3 song that I downloaded. I recommend this for people who like music and a great variety


It's ok. Needs hip hop and more stations.



Needs an update

Needs background support I'm even willing to pay for the background version!!!


I  this app its awsome the best part is the comedy channel its great for wen u need a good laugh hope to see more updates! (people who enjoy dan cook: you would like this app) - kimberly-

Works Great

I love this app.It's simple to use too.I just had more to choose from.

The best app on iPhone

This app is the best music app that iTunes has to offer period. If you have isues with edge go to setting and change the bitrate option that should help. Edge is as slow as or sometime even slower than dial up at times so don't blame the app blame AT&T.

The best

I like this a lot but needs to be able to play in the background and be able to sign in

Would be nice if....

It would play in the background...please?

Battery killer

This app drains yr battery even if plugged into power while using it. I had to remove it entirely because it was draining the battery even while the app was not in use I have not had battery problems before or since removing the application....




Doesn't run in the background like other apps with os 4.


This needs to run in the backround.

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